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How To Get Started Making Roblox Games – Roblox Developer @BuzzyGamesBeth

Featuring Girl Roblox Developers – inspiring girls to go from players to creators.

Roblox Developer @Buzzygamesbeth

Introducing Roblox Developer Beth. She coaches budding game developers on the Roblox and Minecraft platforms, expertly manages our community Discord Server, mentors our junior moderators, and is one of the leading Roblox Studio creators on TikTok. She is really excited to be part of this movement.

When Beth isn’t coaching kids to create their own video games, she like to head out snowboarding or spends time making amazing Anime Rugs. You can check them out on her Business Instagram @no.rugret.

“My first take on creating a mini-game was a disaster!!”

How did you get started as a Roblox Developer?

I was surrounded by games growing up and would play with almost anyone I could. The first game I remember playing was called “Maplestory”, I would play this after school in elementary with my buddies at home! It’s an awesome MMORPG, where you fight monsters as these cute cartoon characters and complete quests!

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“It is a field where my imaginations can be brought to life by some lines of code”

The first video game I ever created was actually on Minecraft. My first take on creating a mini-game was a disaster!! I had so many ideas I wanted to put down, but had such a hard time figuring out exactly where to start. I didn’t have much knowledge in creating mod packs so I relied A LOT on YouTube to learn how to make my game. 

“What made me love game design even more was being able to collaborate with my buddies”

I graduated from university with a public health science degree. Game development was always in the back of my head. Right as I graduated I had the opportunity to work in game development and absolutely fell in love with it. Ever since then I’ve taken every chance I could to teach myself everything about game design and how to make my own games! What makes me love game design even more is being able to collaborate with my buddies on creating games.

There have been times when I’ve felt frustrated by not being able to write a code, or design a game a certain way. This has definitely been made easier by having a team supporting me. Being a part of a team, helping me create a game is what makes game development so much fun. It makes the challenges fun to work through, rather than something to dread. I know I can always ask my team for help! It is a field where my imaginations can be brought to life simply by some lines of code.

What stops girls from becoming a Roblox developer and how do we change this?

Game development and the tech field isn’t a male or female job, it is for everyone! Generally though in this field, it is very male dominated. Unfortunately, more often than not, working in a male dominated industry may be intimidating, but girls shouldn’t let that stop them from doing what interests them! 

“We have to give our girls the confidence to go head-to-head with their male classmates”

Remember, that you’re here to make awesome games and there will be a team to always support you. Make sure you are always heard and march forward confidently!

I think the biggest change we can work on is early exposure of this field to girls. Whether that be in a classroom or online class! The lack of early exposure to game development may be the primary deterrent for girls who leave or never join this field. In order to combat this situation we have to give our girls the confidence they need to go head-to-head with their male classmates.

What are you currently working on?

I am really proud of a game I’m currently working on with a few of the moderators from our Buzzy Games Discord Server – it’s a Player vs Player game where you knock back players, it’s based on popular games like Spleef and Ziggy (Minecraft mini-games).

Besides making games, I absolutely love to make rugs and snowboarding. Making rugs is really therapeutic for me and it just passes time so quickly. I’m so excited for snowboard season to come (Beth lives in California) – something about driving up the mountains and shredding down the mountains is incredibly thrilling!

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