kids coding - October 7, 2021

Coding For Kids: Learn To Make a Game – Getting Started

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills for people looking for jobs. It’s also a great way to keep your kids engaged and learning! Here are 10 ways you can help your kids get learn coding and how to make a game.

Simple + Free Websites to Make a Game

Use Scratch to make your own game! With this project kids can create their very own platformer and other simple but fun video games. is another great free tool that teaches kids to code. Their coding lessons are structured like games, which makes it super easy for young learners! Use online tutorials or their projects section to get started making your own game!

Paid Learn To Code Apps and Websites

Use a learn to code app like Tynker to create your own games. It’s great for teaching kids the basics of coding and programming, while also creating something that looks amazing! To get started just choose one of their projects or tutorials using drag & drop visual blocks. If you need help, use built in video lessons to teach you how to make your game.

Paid Game Making Software

Use a program like GameMaker to create your own pixel art, which is the style used in popular games such as Shovel Knight and Undertale. Other options include Construct 3 and GameSalad and GameFroot.

With HTML and Javascript

Use a programming language like Javascript to create your own platformer. In this project kids will learn how they can control the movements of their character through different coding commands that are used over and over again throughout the game. They’ll also learn about creating loops, which is when code is executed continuously until something changes it.

Free Game Making Software

Use Roblox Studio to create your own game. This is a great way for kids to make their very own video games, which can then be shared with others! Roblox Studio has all the tools you need to bring your ideas into reality including blocks that control different aspects of character movement and animation settings.

Coding Classes and Tutoring

Signup for game making classes and camps through companies like Connected Camps, Tynker and Buzzy Games. These classes are great for kids who want to learn more about coding their own games!

GameJams and Competitions

Check to see if there are any game jams or competitions in your area! These events allow kids and adults alike the opportunity for their games to be played by others. They’re also a great way for designers, programmers and artists alike to network with each other while having fun making new friends.

Make a Game Clubs and Camps

Find coding clubs and after school classes through organizations like Coder Dojo, Code Club, Girls who code and Buzzy Games. These groups are great for kids because they allow them to learn from others as well as network with other people interested in the same things!

Tutorials & How To’s Online

Check out online tutorials and how to’s on YouTube, Tynker and Code Avengers. These videos are great for kids because they offer step by step instructions that help them create their very own games without getting stuck!

Online Game Making Collaborations

Check out websites like Roblox GameMaker Studio to see if there are any online game making groups. These communities offer a place for kids to learn and network with others who share their interests in video games!

There’s No Wrong Way To Make A Game!

Remember that everyone starts somewhere, so try not to get too stressed out if your child isn’t creating the next Minecraft or Shovel Knight. Kids learn best by doing, so encourage them to go for it and try creating their own game.

If your child is interested in coding or making a game and would like to try out a game making club or class let us know!