December 13, 2021

Make a PvP Game For Roblox

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Intro to game design in Roblox is a course that teaches Roblox Studio to beginners without any studio and coding experience. We will teach them how to navigate and use the several game design tools in a simplistic way for students to learn and understand. Students will work in a collaborative environment throughout the club/lesson on a player vs player project called, Spleef.


  • A player vs player (PVP) game and publish it on Roblox
  • Play test your game on Roblox with team mates and friends


  • The basics of Roblox Studio
    • Know how to use the beginner tools
    • Understand adding and changing parts.
    • How to create complex models
    • Manipulate values in a script (Lua)
  • How to safely use the toolbox
    • Fully understand the positives and risks of using a toolbox.¬†
  • What a PvP game is and what is required to make a PvP playable
  • Create a publishable game¬†
  • Understand the purpose of playtesting and how to politely provide constructive feedback for their peers.

Roblox Studio (PC / MAC)
Paper + Pen / Pencil