May 9, 2022

Roblox Studio Mini Course: Adding Audio/Sounds Into Your Game

Adding audio into your game is a great element to have, allowing players to be further immersed in your game. It helps players understand the game environment, navigate in its world, and become immersed into the gameplay! In Roblox Studio there are plenty of ways to add your own audio/sound, rather than just your standard audio that plays once in a game. In this mini course you’ll learn the various ways of adding audio into your game such as:

  • How to create sound regions
  • How to play sounds when clicked
  • How to play sound on touch
  • How to add movement sounds
  • How to add a looping sound in your game

These are some of MANY ways to adding audio/sounds. Play around with these ideas and see if you’re able to come up with your own as well. Have fun creating!