April 4, 2022

Creating Your Own Tycoon: Making a Collector

Great job on creating your dropper and conveyor belt! We’re on the last step on creating your tycoon game! Hang in there and soon enough you’ll have a completed tycoon game.

For the final step in creating your tycoon game, we’ll be making a collector. A collector is a part that collects all items that are dropped from our dropper machine. The collector then rewards you with some kind of currency (usually money) based on what items/materials were collected. We’ll be making a few changes in the dropper scripts in this step as well. Make sure to have Roblox Studio open as you follow along with the video down below. Feel free to pause, rewind, stop, etc at any time!


  • Create a collector part
  • Script collector part so it is functional
  • Make small changes to existing scripts