February 28, 2022

Roblox Studio Mini Course: Creating an Obby

Obby’s are a staple for any awesome Roblox Games and while almost every Roblox gamer knows that obbys are fun to play, they’re even more fun to create/design in Roblox Studio! Designing and creating an Obby game is a great way to embark your journey using Roblox Studio.

In this mini course, you’ll be learning:

  1. How to create and manipulate parts
  2. How to add spawn locations
  3. (Optional: Intermediate) How to add checkpoints
  4. (Optional: Advanced) How to save data

Follow the video tutorials to get started on creating an amazing obby game! Upon completing this mini-course, there will be a section where you can submit a link to your game. Based on how many objectives you complete, a rank will be rewarded to your Buzz.GG account!