April 5, 2022

Roblox Studio Mini Course: Proximity Prompts

Proximity prompts is a UI that allows players to interact with almost any objects like doors, chairs, cars, etc in a whole new way! With proximity prompts, we no longer have to create very long scripts to interact with a simple thing. In this mini-course we’ll be going over how to use proximity prompts in almost any situation. There will be many tutorials provided for you to follow and feel free to complete them all!

In this mini course, you’ll be learning:

  1. How to navigate the proximity prompt properties
  2. How to implement proximity prompts into your game
  3. Learn how to step by step make your proximity prompt functional through scripting in LUA

Follow the video tutorials to get started on learning how to use proximity prompts! Upon completing this mini-course, there will be a section where you can submit a link to your project. Based on how many objectives you complete, a rank will be rewarded to your Buzz.GG account!