Roblox Studio Tutorials - June 17, 2021

How to Create and Manipulate Parts on Roblox Studio


Buzzy Beth


  • today we will learn the basics on creating a part on roblox studio and manipulating its properties so that you can change its color and rotation and size all that good stuff so by the end of this video we will know how to create a part as well as manipulating all kinds of parts that are possible in roblox studio
  • so let’s go ahead and start up our roblox studio and once it’s loaded let’s click on baseplate this will open an empty world where you can build absolutely anything you can imagine
  • so to create a part let’s navigate to the part tab right over here and let’s click on this arrow so that we can open all the possible parts that we can build
  • go ahead and click one of the four that you like i’m just going to go ahead and click on block and once you click on it you’ll see that it automatically popped up in your world so to move the block around go ahead and click select
  • so select is our automatic selection so go ahead and left click the part and move it around next up we’re going to move the part updown right left forward or backwards and to do so we’re going to click this thing that says move right over here and then go up or down pull on the arrows and that is how yo ucan move the part around
  • so go ahead and get comfortable with moving that part around our next thing is going to be scale so click on scale and scale you can make a part bigger you can make it smaller you can make it taller or you can make it short it’s really up to you the possibilities are absolutely endless
  • last but not least let’s go ahead and rotate the part so to rotate you’re going to click on rotate right over here and you have the blue red and green spheres to rotate it click on any of those colors hold it and make sure that you turn it to the ticks you see these are here if you don’t turnit to the ticks it won’t rotate so make sure that you do it right on
  • just like that you jus tcreated your very own part but you can do so much more with it
  • so let’s go ahead and learn how to manipulate its colors and to do so let’s go ahead and take our attention to the right side of roblox studio right over here explore and properties so explorer is an entire list of what the parts are in your world of what is available in your world so whatever part you create will be in over here so
  • since we’ve only created one part just go ahead and click on it you see how this part is highlighted well that’s because you just built it and it’s the only part that’s in your world and if you click on part you’ll see that the properties window is showing is showing all of the properties available
  • for this particular part so properties is essentially all of the things that you can manipulate the appearance the data its behavior all that good stuff but let’s go ahead and learn the basics of it
  • first so to manipulate a part let’s try to manipulate its appearance and when i say appearance let’s go ahead and change its color so click on that part and where it says brick color it’ll open up a menu and go ahead and change it to any color you want
  • so my favorite color is red so i’m gonna go ahead and click reallyvred and ta-da
  • you just created your first colored part and you can go ahead and do that with all of the other possible parts and go ahead and you know get comfortable with creating a part!