Roblox Studio Tutorials - March 24, 2022

How to Equip Food Items in Roblox Studio




Download – Food Item Script

How To – Equip Food Items in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to equip food items!

  • Inside of my workspace, I have this cookie tool which has the handle. I want to differentiate it so you guys don’t get confused. There’s two parts. We have a part with a cookie mesh, but and a cookie that is a tool with a handle.
  • I’m gonna drag my cookie that is a tool inside of server storage. Now for the next step, I could add a click detector in all of my parts here, but you know what’s better is just grabbing a part. I’m gonna change the transparency of this to 1 and have the part hover over all of the parts. Then I’m going to add a click detector in it so that we don’t have to you click on a certain cookie, we just have to be near the area in order to get the cookie.
  • Inside of this large part that I renamed to cookie, I added a click detector and a script inside of that. Inside of the script, we have a function where anytime a player clicks on this cookie part, it’s just going to clone the cookie inside of the server storage right into our player’s backpack