Roblox Studio Tutorials - January 12, 2022

How to Make a Flashlight


Buzzy Beth


Download – Flashlight Script

How To – Make a Flashlight

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to make a flashlight!

  • I just have a normal looking flashlight that I pulled off of the toolbox and what we want to do is inside of our handle, inside of our tool we’re going to add one thing. We’re going to add a surface light
  • What’s really cool about the surfacelight is that it tells you the direction of the light that it’s going to face. Right now it’s facing the side of our flashlight I don’t want that. I’m goingto change the face of it in my properties menu and i’m going to change it to the left facing side and there you go that’s where the light is going to face exactly where i want it to look.
  • Cool so once that’s done go ahead and adjust the brightness of your flashlight to however you would like as well as the range. So the bigger the number the longer the range it’s going to be! Same for the brightness, you know the higher the number the brighter it will be.
  • Play around with those numbers until you know you find a number that you like andthat’s it!
  • One more thing, so make sure to untick enabled!
  • Sweet and then once that’s all done we’re gonna add one more thing inside of our flashlight not our handle inside our flashlight we’re going to add a script
  • First things first go ahead andd elete our print statements o we have our variables where local light is equal to false and then we’ll have a function where anytime you know we have our flashlight equipped if we clickyou know anywhere on the screen then the light is going to turn on or else if we click it again then the light is going to turn off.
  • That’s it go ahead and hop back into your game and then go ahead and try out your flashlight!