Roblox Studio Tutorials - August 13, 2021

How to Make a Glowing Orb Particle


Buzzy Beth


Download – Glowing Orb

How To – Make a Glowing Orb Particle on Roblox Studio

Hey guys welcome to Buzzy Games! Today I’m going to teach you how to make Glowing Orb Particles by simply adding a ParticleEmitter and changing a few properties!

  • First thing you want to do is grab a part. I’m going to do a sphere because you know orbs are typically kind of spheres but it could be any shape you want.
  • So once you have your part in your workspace you’re going to add a few things. We’re going to find an attachment and add that to our parts. Go ahead and configure our part first, so i’m going to change the material to neon because you know the glowing orb is pretty bright and then i’ll change it to a bluish color.
  • Next thing we want to add is a particle emitter inside of our attachment. It’s inthe name, it emits particles! First thing you’re going to notice is that it emits particles straight up and I want to turn that off real quick, so i’m going to change the speed to zero and then the rate of which the particles are being emitted to two.
  • So right now it’s just being emitted like in a little glowing kind of orb
  • At the moment you still want to configure this even more so that it could be a pretty extra glowing orb. To do so, i’m going to change the size of the particles that are being emitted and you see how it’s kind of like peeking out just a bit
  • Then for the transparency is essentially the way it’s going to be emitted, so it’s like in and out and in and out- like a fading effect! So I want it to fade out and then in and out, to do so i’m going to have it fade out the beginning and the end and then have it kind of fade in just a little bit in the middle.
  • I’m actually going to change the size ofthe rays so that it’s a bit bigger and clearer to the eye and then once I have that done i want to change the color of the rays real quick. I’m going to go ahead and do so byclicking on color!
  • I’m done with one particle emitter, you can play around with the settings i’m going to be extra and add one more particle emitter so let’s double the effect
  • So go ahead and add another one if you would like and then first thing you notice again is that the particles are going straight up! I’m going to turn that off by setting the speed to zero so for the second particle emitter that I have right now I want to change the transparency or the way that it’s emitting to kind of like a pulsating kind of way so it’s going to go in and out and in and out but in an increment, so slowly it’s going to grow a bit bigger
  • So we’ll be changing two things that we haven’t done, in the first part of the emitter and on this one i’m going to be changing the rotation and then therotation speed of this emitter. Essentially just saying how fast we can go and the range of the particle that’s being emitted. So for the rotation i’m doing -90 and 90, it’s going to do a full circular rotation and then the speed of it as well
  • Just like that you have your very own glowing orb particle! This is areally basic one so definitely feel free to add more onto this! 😀

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