Roblox Studio Tutorials - June 16, 2021

How to Make a Sign/Billboard on Roblox Studio


Buzzy Beth


  • today i’ll be showing you how to make a sign/billboard in roblox studio
  • so i’ve already made my part right here i’m going to click on it and then go over to the explorer and click this little plus sign next to it
  • then once i do that i’m going to go and find surfaceGUI and click on it. it should see the surfaceGUI go below our part as a child
  • then i’m going to go to surfaceGUI and hit the plus sign again and i’m going to find a text label
  • so now that i have this text label i’m going to look and there it is so you can see it’s not quite on the side i want it to
  • we can change that by going to surfaceGUI and changing the face in the properties menu
  • we’re going to change it to left that way it’s on our front
  • next we’re going to go into our text label and we have to resize this so that it’s the entirety of our one side
  • so there you go and change that the x to one and the y to one now that’s going to bea little too big so we’re going to change both off sets to zero and now it is the perfect size
  • i want it to be for our billboard so staying in the properties of the text label we’re going to scroll down to our text until we find text we’re going to change our text to say “hello”
  • now that’s very small that can be easily changed by going and finding the text scaled property that’s much better
  • finally if you want to get rid of this white background then you can still go into your text label properties find the background transparency propertyand change it to one
  • that is how youmake a sign/billboard in roblox studio