Roblox Studio Tutorials - August 12, 2021

How to Make a Spinning Brick with a Minecraft Texture


Buzzy Beth


Download – Sittable Chair

How To – Make a Spinning Brick with a Minecraft Texture on Roblox Studio

Hello everyone and today i’ll be showing you how to create a Minecraft spinning trick in Roblox Studio

  • First we will take two bricks or two parts. We will add six decals to one of them, once you have added the six decals you can then go and make sure that they are surrounding the entire part by going into properties and changing the face
  • As you can see I have now put decals on every single face of my part here
  • Now scroll down in the properties window to where it says texture. You will then find the texture you want from minecraft. For me this is going to be the bookshelf texture- note that for this while i’m using the bookshelf texture for the sides for the bottom. For the top I am using a different texture so that looks more like the minecraft block
  • Now it’s time to get it to spin, so once you’re in model go to create go to hinge click on the part you want to spin first and then drag it to about the same place on the other part
  • Next click on the hinge constraint scroll down on the properties until you see actuator type under the header hinge change that to motor scroll down a little bit further and we’re going to change our angular velocity to 3 and then our motor max torque to a very large number something around that
  • Then we’re ready to test, move your spinning part up against the non-spinning part, put them both in the air and then anchor the non-spinning part.
  • Once I hit play you can see that the part spins on its own now we’re going to stop our game real quick and do one last change
  • Click on the non-spinning part scroll down to transparency in the properties window and change it to one to make it invisible. That is how you make a spinning part in roblox studio using a minecraft texture!