Roblox Studio Tutorials - October 4, 2021

How to Make a Trampoline


Buzzy Beth


Download – Trampoline

How To – Make a Trampoline on Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to Buzzy Games! Today I’m going to teach you how to make a Trampoline!

  • First off let’s go ahead and create our actual trampoline.
  • You’re only going to be changing one thing-so find the part that you will be jumping on so it’s going to be the top blue teal green part for me
  • Scroll down all the way into assembly and where it says “assemblylinearvelocity” we’re going to change the y-axis to any number that you would like. I’m going to start with 150, 150 is going to be the jump height that my character is going to be
  • Let’s go ahead and click play here and try it out!