Roblox Studio Tutorials - June 6, 2022

How to Make a TV (No Scripting)


Buzzy Beth


Download – TV Model

How To – How to Make a TV in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone, BuzzyBeth here – In this tutorial we’ll be learning how to make a TV!

  • Inside of my workspace right here I have two parts in a model that consists of a part and a screen.
  • Inside of the screen part go ahead and add a surfaceGUI and inside of that let’s go ahead and add a videoframe. Now if you don’t see your videoframe anywhere that’s because your surfaceGUI isn’t facing where we want it to face! So let’s go ahead and play around with the face and there you go where it says bottom – that looks good!
  • So i’m going to go ahead and set it back to bottom and obviously I want my videoframe to take up the entire part of my screen part. To do so go ahead and head over to our surfaceGUI properties and then we’re gonna go ahead and change the size to {1,0},{1,0} enter and then it’ll take up the entire part of our screen!
  • I don’t have a video on hand that I can use so i’m just gonna go ahead and search it up in the toolbox. Inside of our videoframe properties we want to go ahead and paste the video assetid inside of ourvideoframe.
  • Then go ahead and make sure it’s inside of your videoframe properties. Tick looping and playing and then feel free to set the volume if your video has a sound!