Roblox Studio Tutorials - March 10, 2022

How to Make an Obby Game




How To – Make an Obby Game in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to make an obby game in Roblox Studio!

  • If this is your first game ever in Roblox studio, and this is your first kick at it creating a game, creating an obby is perfect. An obby is short for obstacle and an obstacle course, very similar to parkour. If you are familiar with parkour, then the objective of the game is to get from point A to point B through a variety of jumps.
  • In any obby or parkour game, you got to make sure that you have a starting point. I’m going to go ahead and spawn in a spawn location which indicates that this is my starting point. I’m going to go ahead and create some sphere jumps for my first level. When you’re creating your first obby, go ahead and play around with the colors, the properties of it, maybe if you want it can’t collide or maybe can’t collide is off can collide is on.
  • One thing to take note of is to always make sure that you’re anchoring your parts because if you don’t anchor them, then they’ll just fall to the ground when you click play.
  • One tip for you guys that I love to do when I’m making a game is always test,play test your game after each stage to make sure that each jump is completable. If you don’t really play test your game as you’re developing, you might run into bigger problems later if you don’t catch them early on.
  • I’m gonna go ahead and create another part which signifies or tells me that this is the end of stage one. Now in an obby, there’s really no right or wrong way to create your game or honestly in any game that you decide to make. In game development, as long as you’re enjoying the entire process of it, that’s what matters the most. So don’t compare your experience to someone else’s experience. Everybody starts somewhere.
  • I’m going to create a pretty simple stage for the next one, a jump off. It’s going to consist of a few parts, and then I’m just going to stagger them, rotate them a bit so that they don’t look even, and then I’ll be changing the colors of it.
  • Creating an obby as your first game is really cool because you create a foundation for it, and then you can add on top of it. You can create killbricks, you can create a conveyor, falling bricks, elevators, etc. There’s so many things that you can add onto your game rather than just being a basic one like I’m making.
  • Over time, you’ll be able to script these killbricks and so on and so forth, and then you’ll be able to create a pretty neat obby game. Roblox does have an obby template that you guys can use so if you ever want to. Open that up and maybe just add in a few parts of your own! It’s very good practice.