Roblox Studio Tutorials - October 6, 2021

How to Make Different Kinds of Shapes


Buzzy Beth


How To – Make Different Kinds of Shapes Using Union on Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is buzzy games beth and today I’ll be teaching you how to make different shapes using union!

  • Right now I have a cylinder and I want to make it a hollow cylinder and you can do that easily by using unions!
  • So first thing I’m going to do is just go ahead and work around this part and i’m going to go ahead and scale it so that it’s a little bit bigger and then once that’s done i’m gonna go ahead and change the color to teal and then i’m gonna duplicate this part and i’m going to change it to black just so that you guys can see which parts that i’m working on.
  • So the black part is going to be the part that we’re going to negate, which is like creating a negative space!
  • Let me go ahead and resize that, so that i’m going to create like the hollow part that i want. Yeah that looks pretty good!
  • Let me go ahead and move it down so i’m going to scale it so that it reaches all the way through so that it cuts through the entire cylinder all the way. So i’m going to click on the black part and i’m going to click on negate.
  • I’m going to hold shift and then click on the blue part that I want to cut into and i’m going to click union and it should automatically cut the part and that’s it! Look at that, how pretty neat!
  • You can create multiple shapes and such using union. Honestly I like using union when i’m making small projects and stuff.
  • There are pros and cons to using unions: one of the pros is that the less parts there are you can possibly reduce lag in certain areas. One of the cons is that unions have no children, so you would have to use a model and you can resize a union, but without scaling all the dimensions concurrently. So if you’re trying to you know scale it then the whole thing scales it.
  • See i’m cutting this cylinder in half and then i’m just going to make a little s-shaped kind of part. Yeah so you can just play around with all these unions! It’s really neat, you know creating all these shapes with the four given shapes that you know roblox studio offers!
  • Another shape that I like to use or a lot are half spheres and it’s so easy! All you gotta do is grab a sphere and then i’m just gonna go ahead and grab a part. I’m gonna grab a blockand then i’m gonna go ahead and align it so that the block covers only half of the sphere and that’s yeah i’m gonna make sure that it covers the entire half of the sphere so that it cuts perfectly.
  • I’m gonna click on the block, click on negate, shift, and then click on union- and there you go! There’s a little triangle area (missed a spot) because I didn’t fully cover it, but you guys kind of get the idea of what’s happening!
  • Union is perfect for making decorations on like walls or maybe houses that you guys are building right now.
  • I’m just going to pull up a part and make a pretty simple wall you could say and i’m gonna go ahead and just grab one of the hollow cylinders that I made.
  • I’m gonna put it inside of the wall, rotate it real quick, and then i’m just gonna go ahead and move it into the wall and then i’m gonna do the thing like i’ve done in the past two shapes. Which is: negate, shift click on the part that you want to union, and then union.
  • So i’m just gonna enlarge it a little bit and then it looks pretty good! Alrighty so I have my part clicked, i’m gonna click on negate, i’m gonna click on the wall and then union and thenit’s like a little sad face and then i’m gonna do that for the rest of these parts and you’re done!