Roblox Studio Tutorials - March 1, 2022

How to Make Group Only Areas




Download – Group Only Area Script

How To – Make Group Only Areas in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to make group only areas in Roblox studio!

  • I have this model right here where I only want people who are in my buzzygames community on roblox can enter. What I want you guys to do is go ahead and take note of your group ID and copy that. We’ll be pasting that inside of our script.
  • Inside of our part that you want people to pass through if they’re in the group, we’re going to add a script. Go ahead and delete your print statement. So first what we have is a function where hit is our parameter and we’re going to do it so that if any player is in our group (so it’s going to get player character) if the player is in our group, then the parts transparency is going to be equal to 0.5, can collide is false, wait two seconds, and then it’s going to revert.
  • When we hop back inside of our game, I should be able to pass through my door. If they’re not in the group, then they will not be able to pass through it.