Roblox Studio Tutorials - March 23, 2022

How to Make Team Only Gear




Download – Team Only Gear Script

How To – Make Team Only Gear in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to make team only weapons!

  • Let’s learn how to make team only gear.
  • If you guys haven’t watched my how to make team spawns video yet, make sure to watch that first before you watch this so you don’t get lost.
  • First, what is team only gear? If I’m spawning on the red team, I get that red hat and if I’m on this blue team, I’ll get this blue hat. It’s team only specific gear that we’re getting.
  • Inside of our workspace, go ahead and drag the gear inside of server storage. Take note of the name. I have it as blue hat and red hat. We’re going to be referencing that inside of our script.
  • Inside of ServerScriptService, let’s go ahead and add a script. Delete our print statement. Inside of our function, we have it so that anytime a player loads inside of the game, it’s going to check their accessory. If they have an accessory and it’s a hat attachment, t’s going to destroy it. We want to destroy the hat attachment in order for people to equip the team only gear in your game.
  • Now we’re going to go ahead and reference our server storage. We’re going to do it so that if a player is in the blue team, then they’re going to get the blue hat. It’s going to get cloned onto them and the same thing for the red team. If the player is spawned as the red team, then they’re going to get the red hat cloned into them. Then it’s going to go ahead and add that accessory.