Roblox Studio Tutorials - June 16, 2021

How to Publish Your Game on Roblox Studio


Buzzy Beth


  • hi everyone my name is bethany and today i will teach you how to publish a game
  • before we publish our game though let’s go ahead and make sure that we have aspawn location so that when we publish our game players will be able to spawn at a certain location because without a spawn location we don’t really have an area to start the game
  • so to do so go ahead and navigate to the explorer window click on workspace this plus sign right over here and click on spawn location
  • so we haveour spawn location right over here so place it at where you want to start
  • since i want to start right over here i will put my spawn location right here
  • for the small location you can change its color i’m going to do it green and let’s change the material to grass because grass is green
  • so now that we have our spawn location we are ready to publish
  • to publish it’s really simple you’re going to click on file and publish to roblox
  • the name can beanything that you want so i’ll do very easy game
  • description it can be anything that you want so describe the game that you made
  • my game was really easy so i’ll say this was a really easy game to build good luck
  • you’re going to click create and then you’ll see how it says very easy of the game successfully
  • to navigate to our game we’re going to go back to and then click on create so you see how it says very easy obby game which is the game we just made
  • go ahead and make it public if you want your friends to play
  • save it go ahead and click cancel to go out and then start place very easy obby game
  • go ahead and click on that and there’s your game