Roblox Studio Tutorials - March 1, 2022

How to Use Terrain Editor in Roblox Studio




How To – Use Terrain Editor in Roblox Studio

What’s up everyone welcome to buzzygames, my name is BuzzyGamesBeth and today I’ll be teaching you how to use terrain editor!

  • In our home tab, go ahead and click on the editor button. Your terrain editor window should pop up. There’s three different tabs: create, region, and edit.
  • We’re gonna focus on the edit tab. There’s a bunch of tools that you can use. There’s different kinds of brushes you have: circle, square, and cylinder. You can change the base size and the height of these brush settings. You can also unlock them to change the base size and the height manually, rather than having to change them together at once. You can untick that little lock right there, change the height, pretty self-explanatory. Play around with these brush settings.
  • There’s also different kinds of materials that you can choose from when creating your own terrain. This is very useful in creating a life-like forest or a river, absolutely anything that involves terrain in your game.
  • Today, I’m just going to make a pretty simple river, and I’m going to start off with this square brush. I’m going to add sand as my material settings with the add tool. To subtract, subtracts the terrain. If we click on grow, it grows wherever you hold your mouse. I’m holding it on this side of the sand square that I have right now. I’m holding my mouse to grow the sand. Remember to click, if you don’t click then the terrain isn’t really going to grow. sothat’s the grow toolin the terrain editor.
  • Next up we have erode. Erode is essentially like subtracting but instead of subtracting it in chunks, it subtracts slowly and smoothens the terrain. You see how it just kind of flattens in a 2d kind of terrain.
  • Paint is one of my favorites because it doesn’t destroy, erode, smooth, or flatten anything. It simply paints on the on your existing terrain. I have grass right now, and I’m just painting around my grass. pretty neat!
  • Feel free to play around with your terrain as well. If you ever mess up on a terrain edit, you can always press ctrl-z for windows users or command-d for my IOS users to undo your move.
  • I’m gonna add some water now. I’m gonna change the height of it and the base size. How cool is that! You have realistic looking water in Roblox. What’s really cool about this water that you add in is anytime you hop into your game you can actually swim in this water. You don’t have to code anything, it’s just automatic. I’m going to make a little volcano inside of this river because why not?
  • I’m gonna use some basalt and lava just to make it a little bit realistic, and I’m done! So now we just go ahead and hop inside of our game!