Roblox Studio Tutorials - October 5, 2021

How to Use Team Create in Roblox Studio


Buzzy Beth


How To – Turn on and Use Team Create

What’s up everyone today I’ll be teaching you how to make turn on and use Team Create in Roblox Studio to get you started on collaborating with you friends!

  • Head over to view and click on TeamCreate and then click turn on.
  • So make sure that your game is published in order for this to work and then once that’s done it’s going to automatically reset your project and you can go ahead and start adding people into your game
  • Head over to game settings, click on permissions or you can click on that link right over there and if you scroll down you can search by username of who you want to add into your project
  • So I’m going to go ahead and add buzzygamesmike click on him and then I’m going to change his permissions to edit and now we have a friend to collaborate on a project together! 😀