Roblox Studio Tips - June 16, 2021

How to Make a Cave Using Terrain Editor


Buzzy Beth


  • what’s up everyone let’s make a very simple but awesome cave using terrain editor
  • click on the editor button here to open up the window
  • go to edit and you’ll seea huge selection of what you can use
  • since we’re making a cave i like to use basalt and rock as my material
  • now outline the shape of our cave by using the add selection in a square and then paint the floor with rock
  • i’m going to decorate the cave by adding basalt pillars and then using the grow selectionto make the ground uneven
  • finally we’re going to close up the cave by building up and around our shape making sure the cave is closed
  • i like to use the road selection to push any of the hard corners down and we’re done
  • let me know how you guys did and have fun creating!