Roblox Studio Tips - June 10, 2021

How to Make a Text Bubble for An NPC


Buzzy Beth


  • Today I have a requested tip video for you showing how you can get a speech bubble over an npc humanoid
  • first we’re going to spawn in a rig to go to plugins build rig you can choose any one i’m going to choose the man rigthen
  • over in the explorer we have our dummy, we’re going to go click humanoid
  • we’re going to change the display distance type to none
  • and then we’re going to find the head once we’re in the head we’re going to click this little plus sign here and we’re going to search for dialog
  • now that we have dialog we’re going to change the initial prompt to something friendly like hello and we see that there’s a little speech bubble and it says hello when you click on it!