Roblox Studio Tips - May 23, 2021

Make a Conveyor Belt in Roblox Studio – Video


Buzzy Beth


Learn how to make a Conveyor Belt in Roblox Studio in this easy to follow tutorial. Follow these steps to create a LUA Script for Conveyor Belts to add to your Roblox Games.

  • Make a conveyor belt create a part in your workspace and scale it longer so it looks more like a conveyor belt
  • I like to change the color of my part so I’ll set it to teal
  • This is optional but you can rename your part which i’ll be changing to conveyor
  • Click on the plus sign to add a script delete the print statement.
  • Type in script dot parent which references to our part.velocity equals .Set our parameter which is x y and z so our conveyor belt is going on the z axis so we’ll set it to 10.
  • As you can see it’s going to go backwards so let’s go back to our script and change the z to negative 10 . Now you’ll see that right away we are going forward
  • and we’re done have fun creating guys! bye @buzzygamesbeth