Roblox - October 7, 2021

Who Created Roblox: Brief History And Evolution

Who created Roblox? That question has been asked by many Roblox players over the years.

Roblox was founded in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel who were two friends from college. They envisioned Roblox as an ambitious project, with no idea how much their lives would change as a result of this ambitious venture.

David was a stock trader and had experience in the development field. He met Erik who was getting his masters degree at Stanford University, with both of them sharing an interest for robotics.

Before Roblox they worked on several projects together including work on Remote operated vehicle (ROV) training simulators; this is where David’s knowledge about programming.

The Evolution of Roblox

Where did the idea for Roblox come from?

Erik had a flash of inspiration after playing with LEGO as a child. He used to enjoy building houses and other structures, however he would have liked for his creations to be able to come alive so that they could play together. This is what sparked the idea behind Roblox; a platform where people can build anything without limits or restrictions.

How did they start developing Roblox?

David and Erik built the first prototype of Roblox in just three months. They initially called their platform DynaBlocks after LEGO, they later changed it to ROBLOX which is a blend between “robots” and “blocks”. The name kept evolving over time with different versions being named RoboWorld,The first milestone happened in 2005 when they got their first external user.

The website was launched on June of 2006 and it had just one game, The Maze; there were 25 free hats available to players who joined the platform that same day! In 2007 it expanded beyond a web-based platform when Roblox became available for the PC.

During that time Roblox was still in its early stages and it didn’t have much success, however things started to change when they decided to focus on YouTube marketing which proved to be very successful; within just one year players increased by over 800%.

In 2008 they introduced Roblog which is a platform for players to post their creations and share them with the community.

In 2010 Roblox was released for Xbox 360 as roblox became available on all gaming platforms.

In 2011 Roblox added an iOS app and later that year they introduced the Developer Exchange Program (DevEx) which is a program designed to reward players who create popular content within Roblox games.

In 2012 Roblox added robo-bux which is a virtual form of currency that could be used to buy items on the catalog; they also introduced “sponsors”, these are players who get free robux and other benefits in exchange for showing advertisements.

In 2013 Roblox launched Roblox Studio Pro which is roblox’s own developer tool.

In 2014 Roblox Studio for Mac was released, this was an exclusive version of the platform that allowed users to create and play games on a mac computer.

2015 brought some significant changes as Roblox introduced official mobile apps for iOS and Android devices;

In 2016 Roblox opened roblox studio for Linux and Roblox introduced Builders Club which is a paid subscription service.

In 2017 Roblox launched roblast beta, it’s an experimental program that allows players to test out new features before they are released;

There are many other key milestones in the recent history of Roblox that have contributed to its success, however this gives an idea about how much they have evolved in the first 10 years since it was launched.

Why Roblox is so popular

Roblox is popular among players because it offers a unique experience, the games are built around user-generated content which means that every game has different objectives and challenges.

Due to it being accessible on all platforms its very easy to use; one of the reasons why Roblox is so popular among younger users who can play with their friends regardless of what platform they are using.

With over 30 million daily active players Roblox is now available in multiple languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian!

Kids being able to make games for Roblox was key

When Roblox was first launched it only had a web platform, building games for Roblox felt like a new type of challenge as players could interact with the environment and they didn’t have to worry about technical limitations.

In 2009 Roblox released RoblEX which is an exchange program that allowed users to sell their creations on Roblox; this gave developers another source of revenue which motivated them even more!

Roblox later introduced “Builders Club” which offers benefits such as access to explore mode in other people’s games and gives you free robux every month.

The future of Roblox Games?

The development team is very active and they constantly add new features to the platform. Roblox has come a long way since 2007 when it first launched! It’s got many different gaming modes including adventure mode, creative mode and survival mode amongst others. This makes it amazing for kids who want play free games and importantly those that want to be able to make them.

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