April 4, 2022

Creating Your Own Tycoon: Making a Dropper

Tycoons are fun idle games for many Roblox players, however, making them can be challenging. Don’t worry though, we’ll take it step by step so you can create your first Tycoon game ever! It’ll look intimidating at first, but don’t be fooled, anyone can make a Tycoon game!

For the first step in creating your Tycoon, we’ll be creating a dropper. A dropper is a machine that drops an item and once collected you will reveive some kind of currency for it. (Usually money) Make sure to have Roblox Studio open as you follow along with the video down below. Feel free to pause, rewind, stop, etc at any time!


  • Learn how to model a dropper
  • Script our dropper so it is functional